FAQ - Stock & Quantities

Out of stock, hidden, not for sale or prioritised products
Do you need to hide a product temporarily or just prevent people buying it with a message saying temporarily out of stock? Or do you want to prioritise the products on the page?

How does quantity in stock reduce?
Quantity in stock reduces automatically when an order is placed.

Quantity selection - allowing decimals or more than 20
If you want to remove the quantity dropdown box, in the shopping setup area, go to display options, then you can change the quantity format to be a free text field. Then users can enter 0.5 or 0.75 or 21 as valid quantities.

Product option level stock availability and pricing
You can now control stock levels and pricing at the product option level.

Out of stock, allowing backorder
Enabling product level back-order option to allow buyers to buy items even it goes out of stock.

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