FAQ - Slideshows / Advanced Features

Add a Gallery Slideshow to any page on your website
Any photo galleries you have created can now be added to your website as a slideshow. ( For advanced users )

Inpage Slideshows and Rotating Images with Links (outdated)
Learn how to create your own inpage slideshows.

Rotating Banners and Sizes
You can upload several banners now for a rotating blended image effect. All images must be the same viewable size. Even though the suggested height is 100px, you can use alternative heights, smaller or bigger if you like, in most templates anyhow.

Water marking and bulk size reduction software
The Smaller Animals thumbnailer is great tool if you want to create smaller image file sizes before uploading lots of photos, or if you want to watermark your photos.

Colorbox / Lightbox Popup
It is easy to create a popup of higher resolution images. Learn how

Rotating Images/Links in content
This is the old method of adding rotating images to your website

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